Swedish Game Awards Final Ceremony

June 14, 2009

DSC00244We, as Sun Campus Ambassadors, represented Sun Microsystems at Swedish Game Awards 2009 final ceremony on 13th of June at KTH main campus. Game awards is one of the biggest game development contest and Sun Microsystems is one of the biggest sponsors of this event.  This year around  200 people visited the stands and talked with us about Java and Java FX. We encouraged students and professional game developers to use Java FX and distributed Java books and mugs.

The competition started in 2002 as a sub-project to Excitera, the student-driven entrepreneurship association at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), and was then called KTH Game Awards. Excitera Mobile Awards, a mobile application development competition, was started a year later and is now a part of Swedish Game Awards. The Categories for Swedish Game Awards 2008 have been changed to reflect changes in both technologies and the industry. They have now put the focus on the game, instead of on the platform. When contestants design a game, it doesnt matter what target platform they have intended for it, as long as the prototype runs on either Windows XP, OSX (as a Universal binary) or Linux (latest stable build of Ubuntu). The competition also support emulators and so called “mods”, modifications of existing games, such as Half-Life 2 or Unreal Tournament.

After a very tough final round Robert Larsson, from Chalmers University, won the Java FX and best execution awards by his game Imperii. We would like to congratulate Robert and hope to see more Java FX projects in the market.


Swedish Game Awards: Game Over !!!

May 25, 2008

After a very successful organization, brilliant participants and perfect games Swedish Game Award finally finished. Congratulations to organizers, students and sponsors. As Sun Microsystems, we were there and in our small stand, we gave away free t-shirts, CDs/DVDs, pens and much more. Also we showed the OpenSolaris 2008.05 from live CD and people really liked it.

After a very long day, we had a lovely dinner at the top of the Kultur Huset in the heart of Stockholm city and mingled around. As far as we observed from the game developers, they are quite familiar with Sun’s products and they like  using them.

We hope to see more and more projects for next years competition. See you next year !!!!

Swedish Game Awards 08: Grand Finale

May 20, 2008

After having several workshops, events and a tough competition, Swedish Game Awards 2008 final event, the Grand Finale, will take place on the 24th of May 2008, at Kulturhuset Stockholm, Hörsalen on the 3rd Floor. Here is a brief timeplan of what will happen:

Grand Finale Timeplan

11:00-16:00 – Games Career Expo
During the day, the Games Career Expo will be open to the public in Hörsalen on the 3rd floor, Kulturhuset Stockholm. At the Expo you will be able to try out the nominated games and meet our partners. During the Expo, all submitted trailers will be shown in segments, you will also be able to meet some of last years winners and see how their games have evolved.

17:00-18:30 – Prize Ceremony
The Price Ceremony starts at 17:00 in Hörsalen on the 3rd floor, Kulturhuset Stockholm. Orvar Säfström will be hosting the Prize Ceremony where the the winners of Swedish Game Awards 2008 will be announced.

19:00 – Exlusive Dinner and Afterparty
All nominees will be invited to the exlusive Dinner and Afterparty after the Price Ceremony.

Two excellent mobile games have been nominated for the Java ME/Netbeans prize for 10 000 SEK, Swarm and Blocko; both teams will show off their games during the expo.

Videos from Swedish Game Awards & NetBeans 6.0 Tech-Demo at KTH

March 5, 2008

NetBeans_6.0_game_developmentI am sure all of you still remember the tech demo and presentation at KTH about NetBeans 6.0, new features of developing games visually and some example games from this years competition. That was a really great event.

Now you can watch the videos, download the presentation slides,which are about Sun Microsystems and NetBeans 6.0


Sun Microsystems


Videos from the Presentation

NetBeans 6.0 and What it can do for your mobile game?

History and Philosophy behind Sun Microsystems

Petr Suchomel Shows of NetBeans 6.0

Download Podcast 

Swedish Game Awards 2008 (Game Developers Evening #2)

February 8, 2008

On 14th of February there will be an event about Swedish Game Awards.


Petr Suchomel: Senior Architect in Sun Microsystem’s Java and Developer Platform Group. He is also and engineering tech lead for the NetBeans Mobility Pack, concentrating on high level issues, usability and cooperation with partners.

Kent Aberg: Swedish representative for Sun Microsystem, working with Business Development, Education and Research.


Sun Introduction– Kent Aberg, Sun’s complete plaform for Web 2.0 and Mobile Devices.

NetBeans 6.0 Overview– Petr Suchomel, the new features of NetBeans 6.0. Demonstration of the Visual Designer and Game Designer. SVG usage in applications.

NetBeans 6.0 in Depth– Petr Suchomel, Application design. Setting up and testing for target devices. Using SVG in Visual Designer. Hand on labs.

Date: 14 February 2008

Time: 17.00

Place: Salongen at KTH Library, Osquars backe 25


Swedish Game Awards 2008

January 14, 2008

For those of you who are interested in developing games, there is a competition which is organized by Excitera. For more information please click here.

And if you are already familiar with NetBeans ( we hope so 🙂 ) , you should have a look at Netbeans Mobility Pack 6.0 and the Game Builder to create games easily. Here is a great tutorial to begin creating great games. Who knows maybe you will even win the competition !