Sun University RoadTour at KTH

May 1, 2009

We had a very successful event last Wednesday at KTH. Experienced technology evangelist Roman Strobl came to Stockholm to have a presentation together with Sun campus ambassadors. Students were very enthusiastic and asking lots of question regarding open source, Sun, Oracle :), java, OpenSolaris and other project.

Since some of the students wanted us to post presentation slides and notes, we are sharing our presentation slides with you.

Presentation 1

Presentation 2

We would like to thank all of the participants and hope that you learned lots of new things about Sun, open source and why it is important. For next events, please fallow our blog.


NetBeans 6.1 Student Reviews Contest

June 24, 2008

Hi all, you can find the finalists’ list from this link for the NetBeans 6.1 Beta version.

We hope you are all having great summer and getting ready for the up coming semester.

See you soon again !!!

Swedish Game Awards: Game Over !!!

May 25, 2008

After a very successful organization, brilliant participants and perfect games Swedish Game Award finally finished. Congratulations to organizers, students and sponsors. As Sun Microsystems, we were there and in our small stand, we gave away free t-shirts, CDs/DVDs, pens and much more. Also we showed the OpenSolaris 2008.05 from live CD and people really liked it.

After a very long day, we had a lovely dinner at the top of the Kultur Huset in the heart of Stockholm city and mingled around. As far as we observed from the game developers, they are quite familiar with Sun’s products and they like  using them.

We hope to see more and more projects for next years competition. See you next year !!!!

OpenSolaris Community Innovation Awards Program

March 26, 2008

What are the OpenSolaris Community Innovation Awards?

contestThe OpenSolaris Community Innovation Awards are intended to recognize and reward new, enabling, innovative, and high-performance uses of OpenSolaris technology, or substantial contributions to the OpenSolaris community. This program is part of a broader Community Innovation Awards Program whose goals are to “foster innovation and recognize the most interesting initiatives within open source communities worldwide.” Sun is the primary sponsor of this program and intends to contribute over $1 million across six open source communities.

We hope these awards will encourage more people to participate in the OpenSolaris community. Join a community, a project, a forum or other discussion. Use OpenSolaris. Study OpenSolaris.

To that end:

  • A large chunk, $75,000, of the award money is designated for grants for undergraduate research on OpenSolaris.
  • The contest portion, $100,000, of the award money is open to a broad range of entries. You can enter code that will eventually be putback into OpenSolaris (such as a device driver), or you can write a program that runs on top of the OS (such as a tool or game), or your entry can be something that is not code at all. You could enter materials for an operating systems course based on OpenSolaris (lecture notes, student guide, labs). Project Ideas lists some ideas for entries. These are just suggestions to get you started thinking about what you want to do. Contest Entries lists the entries that users have already registered for this contest.

What are the Prizes?

29 prizes are available:

  • 1 Grand Prize: $30,000
  • 3 First Prizes: $15,000 each
  • 25 Second Prizes: $1,000 each

All prizes are in U.S. dollars. Entries will be reviewed by an expert panel of judges.

Check this page frequently for updates and announcements.

Thanks, and good luck!

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OpenSolaris Presentation at KTH/Kista Campus

March 13, 2008

students_from_presentationToday (13,March 2008), we had a presentation at KTH/Kista campus about the new and hottest features of OpenSolaris. We had 2 different sessions. The first session was about the world first 128-bit file system, which is ZFS and its new abilities, then the second session was about the DTrace, which is about controlling whats is going on in your operating system. In addition we talked about the free online courses (SAI) for KTH students. If you are a student at KTH and want to access the free online courses please send us an e-mail from your KTH account and we will send you the user name, and company ID for KTH. (Alper Celik: or Gokhan Dogan:

during_presentation1We had 35-40 students in presentation and the speaker was Kjell Högström. He has been with Sun for nine years and seven years ago he holds the position as product specialist for Solaris. Before joining Sun he worked at Uppsala University. He has seventeen years of Unix experience.

during_presentation2In the photos below, you can see the Sal E in Kista before the presentation and the free stuff, refreshments. We gave lots of free t-shirts, starter kits,CDs and so on. We will continue to have this kind of presentations and please stay. tuned !!!


Some of the students wanted the presentation slides, here you can download the pdf version of presentation slides and we can provide you more and detailed information about OpenSolaris if you need any. Please feel free to contact with us.

Some Videos From Presentation

Some Additional Slides for OpenSolaris

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Introduction to Operating Systems

March 13, 2008

solaris_student_guideFor a year, the Academic and Research community has been putting together various resources for computer science educators who are interested in incorportating OpenSolaris within their curriculum. These resources are intended both to educate about OpenSolaris and to facilitate computer science education in general. We are constantly adding to these materials, and any contribution, feedback or other input is always welcome!

“Introduction to Operating Systems, A Hands-On Approach Using the OpenSolaris project” is a document in three parts, produced by Michelle Olson, to enable computer science educators to incorporate the technology of OpenSolaris into a Computer Science curriculum.

For more Information click here

English student guide v2.2

English instructor guide v2.2

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Free Workshop @ KTH/Kista !

February 28, 2008

Workshop Kista

So we are back again ! This time in KTH Kista Campus.. Solaris Product Specialist, Kjell Högström from Sun Microsystems is going to have a presentation about new technologies (Dtrace and ZFS) on 13th of March, 17.00-19.00. If you want to check out the previous event at the main campus, please have a look at here !

Details :

Date : 13th of March , 2008

Place : KTH Forum Building 5th Floor, SAL-E (Click here for the map )

Time : 17:00 – 19:00

No Registration required ! First come, first served !

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us through the Contact Us menu which is above this page.

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