SAI – Sun Academic Initiative

Dear Students, Staff and Employees of KTH !

It gives us a great pleasure to announce you the new SAI Learning Connection (SAILC). SAI Learning Connection will give you access to the FREE web courses needed to get Sun Certified !

Please follow these steps to register and gain access to the SAI Learning Connection:
1. Request for the appropriate SAI Program name and ID by completing this form:
2. Once you receive your SAI Program Name and ID, direct your Browser to the following URL:
3. Select ‘Register’ located under the Username/Password fields
4. Complete and Submit the Registration form
5. Congratulations! You can now access the SAI Learning Connection and you are now a SAI User!

When launching a course, you may need to wait a few moments as the course loads. Please do not close or resize the course window until the course has finished loading.
To receive the fastest possible assistance with technical issues, please provide (email) or have available (live) the following information with as much detail as possible:

  • Full Name
  • E-mail address
  • Program Name: SAI-Sweden
  • Program ID: wuiig3hm
  • SAI Learning Connection Username:
  • Your School/ University / Institution’s Name:
  • Operating System
  • Browser Type & Version
  • Login URL
  • Description of Issue/Problem

Please include the steps leading up to when the issue/problem is experienced and include any error messages you receive.
Please provide the following additional information if this is a course issue:

  • Course Title:
  • Course Code:
  • Location of problem within the course (e.g. Module Name and Number, Section,Topic and Page number):

NOTE: All support communication will be provided in English.
If you have any questions regarding the SAI Learning Connection, please contact the Sun Academic Initiative (SAI) Team at

Please find the two PDF files that contain more details about SAI and registration process.

3 Responses to SAI – Sun Academic Initiative

  1. Raul Imenez says:

    I wonder, if i can use this course system to prepare exams at KTH?

    Answer: Sure, if you take related courses, why not ?

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