TOP 5 Reasons to JOIN OSUM CLUB:

  • LEARN about Open Source Technologies and how they are opening up new career opportunities for students
  • ACCESS free online web courses, webinars, tutorials and other resources to prepare for career enhancing certifications
  • SHARE your technical knowledge with other students around the world virtually and on campus
  • COLLABORATE with a global community of students via forum, campus events, webinars, etc.
  • CONNECT and make friends with students around the world who are committed to Open Source just like you!
Please follow the instructions to register to our club :
2- Click “Sign Up”
osum13) Fill in the form and click the Sign Up button at the bottom of the page.
4) Create your Profile in the next screen and fill in your details. Don’t forget to select the country and the school in this form. Then Click the Join button in the bottom of the page.
5) This the MOST IMPORTANT step !  Click “Join KTH (Royal Institute of Technology) Sun OSUM” button on top of the page after you are registered. If you don’t become a member of KTH group, we will not be able to find you.

7 Responses to OSUM Club

  1. Aminul says:

    Hi Where is the pizza party link?? It does not working properly.

    Answer: Please check it again 🙂 https://sunkth.wordpress.com/free-pizza-party/ I see you are already registered to our club so don’t worry, you are on the guest list !

  2. xiaolins says:

    Hi,where is the pizza party link?
    am I on the guest list?

    Answer: You need to follow the instructions and be a member of the OSUM Club and then we will let all the members of the club before the pizza party. See you also on this Friday at the event we’ll give more information !

  3. susan says:

    hi how to get the ticket for the pizza party?
    when and where?

    • sunkth says:

      The date and place will be announced to all the OSUM Club members so to get a ticket, you must be a member for our OSUM Club which is free. Please follow the instructions in this page to register yourself and you will be contacted before the party.

  4. niclas says:

    so finally the day came guys? :D:D:D:

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