Swedish Game Awards Final Ceremony

June 14, 2009

DSC00244We, as Sun Campus Ambassadors, represented Sun Microsystems at Swedish Game Awards 2009 final ceremony on 13th of June at KTH main campus. Game awards is one of the biggest game development contest and Sun Microsystems is one of the biggest sponsors of this event.  This year around  200 people visited the stands and talked with us about Java and Java FX. We encouraged students and professional game developers to use Java FX and distributed Java books and mugs.

The competition started in 2002 as a sub-project to Excitera, the student-driven entrepreneurship association at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), and was then called KTH Game Awards. Excitera Mobile Awards, a mobile application development competition, was started a year later and is now a part of Swedish Game Awards. The Categories for Swedish Game Awards 2008 have been changed to reflect changes in both technologies and the industry. They have now put the focus on the game, instead of on the platform. When contestants design a game, it doesnt matter what target platform they have intended for it, as long as the prototype runs on either Windows XP, OSX (as a Universal binary) or Linux (latest stable build of Ubuntu). The competition also support emulators and so called “mods”, modifications of existing games, such as Half-Life 2 or Unreal Tournament.

After a very tough final round Robert Larsson, from Chalmers University, won the Java FX and best execution awards by his game Imperii. We would like to congratulate Robert and hope to see more Java FX projects in the market.


Java FX Coding Challenge

March 30, 2009

Sun Microsystems Inc. has announced the launch of the JavaFX Coding planetjavafx350x570 Challenge http://www.javafx.com/challenge, a coding contest that offers both professional and student developers a unique opportunity to win up to $25,000 USD in cash and have their application featured on the JavaFX.com Web site.

What to do ?

Developers and students are required to create and develop rich internet applications using JavaFX 1.1 and NetBeans 6.5. The call for entries is open to persons of legal age in more than three dozen countries.

What about the prizes?

Sun is offering a number of prizes, with a top award of $25,000 USD in addition to cash prizes of $10,000 USD and $5,000 USD. There is a special category for students at an accredited college or university, with three $1,500 USD cash prizes that will be awarded to the top student applications. Students will not be limited to competing in this category, and are eligible to vie for the larger prizes as well. Additionally, Sun will award up to 100 honorable mentions, which will each earn a $25 Amazon gift certificate.

What is Java FX?

Java FX is a runtime with supporting tools and technologies that enable content authors and developers to create new content that combines the best capabilities of the existing Java platform with new immersive media services, which can be securely accessed from mobile phones, desktop browsers, TV and other consumer devices. The JavaFX platform is unique in that it allows content developers to focus on creativity, and not coding, while enabling them to create expressive content through the use of one platform across multiple media assets. The latest JavaFX Mobile platform was released February 12, 2009.

Important Dates?

The contest runs now through May 29. The entries will be judged by a panel of experts, to include members of the JavaFX engineering and product marketing teams. The winners will be announced during the week of June 29.

The details of the contest can be found at http://www.javafx.com/challenge

Free Online Java FX Course Starts

January 29, 2009

The 1st session of “15-week JavaFX Programming (with Passion!)” free online course will start from Jan. 30th, 2009.

For registration, all you have to do is to send a blank email to the following email address.


This course runs very much like a regular planetjavafx350x570college course in which the students are expected to do weekly homework after studying the presentation material and doing the hands-on lab but it is free and can be taken online.  There is also class email alias where students can ask/answer questions.

For more information, please go to the course websites below.

Course topics: http://www.javapassion.com/javafx/#Topics
Course website: http://www.javapassion.com/javafx
Course FAQ: http://www.javapassion.com/coursefaq.html

JavaFX Presentation

January 26, 2009

Experienced Senior Java Architect Thorbiörn Fritzon from Sun Microsystems will give a free workshop about “Java FX” for students on 10th February, 5-7 pm at Student Union Building Nymble. This event is a part of the “Swedish Game Awards”.

About the speaker:

thorbiornThorbiörn Fritzon started programming Java back in 1995 and hasn’t stopped yet. Since 1999 he’s a Java Architect at Sun Microsystems in Sweden and spokesperson in Java and software development issues. Thorbiörn writes books and is a frequent speaker at conferences and other events. His hobby is programming languages of which he has a huge collection

More information : http://gameawards.se/events/19

Date : 10 February 2009

Location : Student Union Building (Nymble)

Time : 5 -7 pm

Mobile Cup Presentation

January 8, 2009






It was the latest presentation that we have ever done at 11pm.

We talked about JavaFX for some time and fortunately people were interested. Some students even approached us and asked about the details.

Mobile platform will be available in Spring 2009 but still it can be used for desktop and browsers.

JavaFX Coffee Cup

December 13, 2008

So the JavaFX™ SDK 1.0 has shipped. I thought that now would be a fun time to try out some of its graphics capabilities. I know that its graphics are really slick… but how easy are they to program? Do you need to be a graphics expert to figure it all out, or can anyone just pick it up and learn?

As for my background, I’m a technical writer and general-purpose computer programmer. I am not a software engineer, graphic designer, or GUI expert. Because of that I’m probably the ideal person to test drive the usability of GUI coding with the SDK. The challenge to myself was to take a single afternoon and code up something “impressive”; it didn’t matter what, I just wanted it to have a 3D feel with modern visual/lighting effects like what I see in the SDK demos.

So the first thing I did was to read the GUI tutorial, which quickly brought me up to speed on the basics. (Those completely new to the JavaFX Script programming language will want to first read the core tutorial as well.) I then went to the web, looking for information on drawing 3D shapes in general. more


December 5, 2008

Today is the official launch day of JavaFX 1.0 and we, as Sun Campus ambassadors to KTH, had a short presentation about JavaFX last night at opening ceremony of “Mobile Cup” in Stockholm. Mobile Cup is the world’s largest mobile competition with lots of competitors and big sponsors.  People were talking about Adobe’s Flash and Microsoft’s Silverlight technologies to compare with JavaFX.  It was really nice to got lots of positive feedbacks from competitors and other guests after the event.

The strange thing was that it was nearly midnight (11.pm)and it was actually a night club and people were offered free beers while we were talking about the great features of JavaFX, but still lots of people were really interested in the topic. That was really nice. You can find our presentation slides below: