Java FX Coding Challenge

March 30, 2009

Sun Microsystems Inc. has announced the launch of the JavaFX Coding planetjavafx350x570 Challenge, a coding contest that offers both professional and student developers a unique opportunity to win up to $25,000 USD in cash and have their application featured on the Web site.

What to do ?

Developers and students are required to create and develop rich internet applications using JavaFX 1.1 and NetBeans 6.5. The call for entries is open to persons of legal age in more than three dozen countries.

What about the prizes?

Sun is offering a number of prizes, with a top award of $25,000 USD in addition to cash prizes of $10,000 USD and $5,000 USD. There is a special category for students at an accredited college or university, with three $1,500 USD cash prizes that will be awarded to the top student applications. Students will not be limited to competing in this category, and are eligible to vie for the larger prizes as well. Additionally, Sun will award up to 100 honorable mentions, which will each earn a $25 Amazon gift certificate.

What is Java FX?

Java FX is a runtime with supporting tools and technologies that enable content authors and developers to create new content that combines the best capabilities of the existing Java platform with new immersive media services, which can be securely accessed from mobile phones, desktop browsers, TV and other consumer devices. The JavaFX platform is unique in that it allows content developers to focus on creativity, and not coding, while enabling them to create expressive content through the use of one platform across multiple media assets. The latest JavaFX Mobile platform was released February 12, 2009.

Important Dates?

The contest runs now through May 29. The entries will be judged by a panel of experts, to include members of the JavaFX engineering and product marketing teams. The winners will be announced during the week of June 29.

The details of the contest can be found at

Open Developer Conference, Oslo

February 19, 2009

Do you work on an innovative project based on FOSS technology? Have you experience with FOSS Communities and how they can change the nature of traditional project success ?
• Development and deployment in the cloud and virtualization
• Social networks and Web 2.0 trends
• RIAs, scripting, and tools
• Dynamic languages, databases, and Web and application servers
• Open-source projects, business models, and trends
• And more
Send an 150word (max) abstract to

We’re opening our doors. CommunityOne is an open developer conference sponsored by Sun Microsystems. After two capacity years in San Francisco, we’re rolling out the red carpet in Oslo in April. What can you expect at CommunityOne? No marketing hype or selling tactics, just the opportunity to evaluate open-source projects that span languages (Java(TM), PHP,Groovy, AJAX, Ruby, Python), operating systems (OpenSolaris(TM), Linux, Android), Web and application servers (GlassFish(TM), Apache), databases (MySQL(TM)), services, and more. And you can attend the CommunityOne Oslo main conference at no cost.

For more info please read this document.

Participate in MySQL-GlassFish Student Contest and Win $500

September 2, 2008
We just announced a new student contest…

Use MySQL database and GlassFish application server to develop a web application and write a review for…

  • A chance to win a grand prize of $500 in Visa debit card, and
  • Five chances to win a prize of $250 in Visa debit card
Sun Student Contest

1. Download MySQL 5.1 Community Edition and GlassFish v2 Update Release 2 (UR2).
2. Develop a cool web application using the combination.
3. Create a project of your application at
4. Write a review of these products and post it in your blog.
5. Submit your project’s URL and your review’s URL.
6. Do it before October 22, 2008.

The Sun Student Reviews site has all the details, so does the contest page.

And here is a nice flier for you.

Good luck and have fun!