Open Developer Conference, Oslo

Do you work on an innovative project based on FOSS technology? Have you experience with FOSS Communities and how they can change the nature of traditional project success ?
• Development and deployment in the cloud and virtualization
• Social networks and Web 2.0 trends
• RIAs, scripting, and tools
• Dynamic languages, databases, and Web and application servers
• Open-source projects, business models, and trends
• And more
Send an 150word (max) abstract to

We’re opening our doors. CommunityOne is an open developer conference sponsored by Sun Microsystems. After two capacity years in San Francisco, we’re rolling out the red carpet in Oslo in April. What can you expect at CommunityOne? No marketing hype or selling tactics, just the opportunity to evaluate open-source projects that span languages (Java(TM), PHP,Groovy, AJAX, Ruby, Python), operating systems (OpenSolaris(TM), Linux, Android), Web and application servers (GlassFish(TM), Apache), databases (MySQL(TM)), services, and more. And you can attend the CommunityOne Oslo main conference at no cost.

For more info please read this document.


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