Free Workshop: Java™SE 7

Experienced Senior Java Architect Thorbiörn Fritzon from Sun Microsystems will give a workshop for students on 23 January, 5-7 pm at Teknikringen 72 (V3). He will answer the following questions :


– What is new in Java™SE 7?

– What is happening in the Java World ?

– What is next on the map of Java SE Releases ?

– What should we do to keep updated with the new featureS?

About the speaker:

thorbiornThorbiörn Fritzon started programming Java back in 1995 and hasn’t stopped yet. Since 1999 he’s a Java Architect at Sun Microsystems in Sweden and spokesperson in Java and software development issues. Thorbiörn writes books and is a frequent speaker at conferences and other events. His hobby is programming languages of which he has a huge collection.

Date : 23 January 2009

Location : Teknikringen 72 (V3)

Time : 5 -7 pm

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