JavaFX Coffee Cup

So the JavaFX™ SDK 1.0 has shipped. I thought that now would be a fun time to try out some of its graphics capabilities. I know that its graphics are really slick… but how easy are they to program? Do you need to be a graphics expert to figure it all out, or can anyone just pick it up and learn?

As for my background, I’m a technical writer and general-purpose computer programmer. I am not a software engineer, graphic designer, or GUI expert. Because of that I’m probably the ideal person to test drive the usability of GUI coding with the SDK. The challenge to myself was to take a single afternoon and code up something “impressive”; it didn’t matter what, I just wanted it to have a 3D feel with modern visual/lighting effects like what I see in the SDK demos.

So the first thing I did was to read the GUI tutorial, which quickly brought me up to speed on the basics. (Those completely new to the JavaFX Script programming language will want to first read the core tutorial as well.) I then went to the web, looking for information on drawing 3D shapes in general. more


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