Top Java Developers Offer Advice to Students

Eleven leading Java developers — from Joshua Bloch to Tor Norbye to Chet Haase — offer advice to students about how to become better developers.

  • “Write lots of code. Have fun with it!” Joshua Bloch
  • “Learn to use your tools. And I don’t mean just enough to get by. I mean really learn how to use your tools.” Tor Norbye
  • “Don’t use line numbers. Don’t put your entire application in one method.” Chet Haase
  • “There will always be opportunities for great engineers, but as I said earlier, I think the number of these opportunities will shrink as other, less technical personnel play larger roles in the software-development process, using more productive, higher-level tools and frameworks than we have used in the past.” Ben Galbraith
  • “Millions of people have been employed because someone at Sun Microsystems invented Java.” Masood Mortazavi
  • “Don’t be overwhelmed by the language or the platform.” Raghavan Srinivas
  • “When students first see the API with thousands of classes, they despair.” Cay Horstmann
  • “I really recommend that new users try out different IDEs and pick one of their choice.” Arun Gupta
  • “Good technology is only 10% of success.” Rick Cattell
  • “Choose an area of your immediate need.” Chuk-Munn Lee
  • “We’re a great group!” Tom Ball

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