OpenSolaris Workshop Completed !

Yesterday, we had a great OpenSolaris workshop in KTH Kista campus ! Thanks to the nearly 100 students, OpenSolaris DVDs and Operating System books were gone in a couple of minutes. The workshop started with our presentation about Sun Campus Ambassador program, Free Vouchers , OSUM Group and the SAI.

Then our Solaris Product Specialist Kjell Högström was on the floor. In the first part of the workshop, he talked about the Open Storage and did it in a lecture style on the whiteboard. It was amazing to see nearly 100 people at the peak time, while there were only 74 people allowed in the room according to the regulations. At the end of the first part, we had a short break. During this break we served refreshments and cookies along with bananas to make the students ready and steady for the second part.

The second part of the workshop was a lot more fun, as Kjell started talking about D-trace and this time he had a hands-on approach. The students were really interested as they saw him in real action. Kjell didn’t even have a time to take a break as the students were asking him questions all the time.

So during the break and after the presentation, we had a lot of questions about our activities and the possibilities that we offer for the KTH students. We tried to answer them as much as possible. We also gave out t-shirts for the students who completed courses in SAI or passed certification exams.

As a conclusion, Kjell was surprised to see this many people so highly interested in OpenSolaris. So we believe that this was a huge success. Stay tuned, we’ll organize more for the KTH students.

By KTH students, for KTH students.


2 Responses to OpenSolaris Workshop Completed !

  1. Abdul says:

    Can you organize a java workshop?

    Java is a very broad topic. Would you like specify what exactly you would like to have about Java ?

  2. niclas says:

    It was a great event, thanks

    Thanks, Niclas ! You’re very welcome to the other events.

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