Sun Startup Essentials Is Now In Sweden

What is Sun Startup Essentials ?

The Sun Startup Essentials (SSE) program is mandated under Market Development team’s charter to drive Sun adoption in emerging markets. This program is already running in US, China, India, Israel, Germany, France and UK, and is now being launched in Sweden. ( See )

The underlying philosophy for SSE is to target startup companies, preferably in the Web 2.0 space and get them using Sun IP when they are still small. Sun will invest in these companies by offering Sun’s products at deeply discounted prices. This is being done to lower the acquisition cost for these companies. The program is to ensure that these startup companies are on Sun platforms and when they grow big (as some of them will), they will do so on the back of Sun’s products.

Any startup company that meets the qualifying criteria will be eligible for the program. However we will be focusing our marketing activities on the Web 2.0 space.

Who qualifies?

The qualifying criterias are simple – just about any startup company that meets the following criteria can be part of the SSE program:

1.      Be in business for 4 years or less

2.      Less than 150 employees

3.      Verifiable company presence (website , company profile, etc.)

4.      Be based in Sweden

5.      Provide a valid street address

What does a Startup get?

  • Free Software: Popular open source software such as My SQL , Perl, Apache all optimised for Solaris OS
  • Discounted Partner Hosting: Offering top notch web hosting from Sun partners at discounted prices
  • Discounted Systems: Deep discounts on industry leading Sun Systems up to a limit of USD 150K per year
  • Startups Ask Sun: Our professional engineers will answer technology based questions over email and will provide answers that startups may need.

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