NetBeans 6.0 and Swedish Game Development Day #2

campus_ambassadorsToday (14,fabruary 2008), we had a presentation at KTH/Main campus about the new and hottest features of NetBeans 6.0. We had 2 different sessions. The first session was about the Sun as a company and the structure of Sun Microsystems, then the second session was about NetBeans 6.0.

netbeans1We had 55-60 students in presentation and they were so eager to learn about Java programming and NetBeans. We organized that event with the co-operation of Excitera, which is a student organization at KTH to support the ICT Entrepreneurship and help students to learn more about the market. They organize entrepreneurial events and all of these are open to KTH students as well.

netbeans2We gave lots of free t-shirts, starter kits,CDs and so on. We will continue to have this kind of presentations and please stay tuned !!! All of our guest are welcome to another tech demo and presentations.


2 Responses to NetBeans 6.0 and Swedish Game Development Day #2

  1. r1kard0 says:

    Nice job you are doing. Well i really would like to give ” a lots” of t-shirt but even I don’t have my own t-shrt =P. (sad)

    Well I’m trying to organize me with linux user groups in my faculty and I will try also make friends with the groups in the city. The linux groups are a great support for us like CAs.

    So, I only came here to say hi.
    Ricardo Cabrera.

  2. sunkth says:

    Thanks a lot Ricardo,
    even if you dont have any tshirts, you give them “a lot of free information”,which is much more important than tshirts.

    Take care, good luck for your presentations

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