Swedish Game Awards 2008 (Game Developers Evening #2)

On 14th of February there will be an event about Swedish Game Awards.


Petr Suchomel: Senior Architect in Sun Microsystem’s Java and Developer Platform Group. He is also and engineering tech lead for the NetBeans Mobility Pack, concentrating on high level issues, usability and cooperation with partners.

Kent Aberg: Swedish representative for Sun Microsystem, working with Business Development, Education and Research.


Sun Introduction– Kent Aberg, Sun’s complete plaform for Web 2.0 and Mobile Devices.

NetBeans 6.0 Overview– Petr Suchomel, the new features of NetBeans 6.0. Demonstration of the Visual Designer and Game Designer. SVG usage in applications.

NetBeans 6.0 in Depth– Petr Suchomel, Application design. Setting up and testing for target devices. Using SVG in Visual Designer. Hand on labs.

Date: 14 February 2008

Time: 17.00

Place: Salongen at KTH Library, Osquars backe 25



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