OpenSolaris Presentation at KTH/Main Campus

solaris_main_campus1Today (07,fabruary 2008), we had a presentation at KTH/Main campus about the new and hottest features of OpenSolaris. We had 2 different sessions. The first session was about the world first 128-bit file system, which is ZFS and its new abilities, then the second session was about the DTrace, which is about controlling whats is going on in your operating system.

solaris_main_campus2We had 40-45 students in presentation and the speaker was Kjell Högström. He has been with Sun for nine years and seven years ago he holds the position as product specialist for Solaris. Before joining Sun he worked at Uppsala University. He has seventeen years of Unix experience.

We gave lots of free t-shirts, starter kits,CDs and so on. We will continue to have this kind of presentations and please stay tuned !!!



All of our guest are welcome to another tech demo and presentations. You can find a video from the OpenSolaris presentation here:


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