Solaris Operating System


Solaris 10 delivers indisputable performance advantages for database, Web, and Java technology-based services, as well as massive scalability, shattering world records by delivering unbeatable price/performance advantages. Lets look at the some new features of this perfect operating system.

Solaris Zones Software Partitioning Technology

This feature is new in the Solaris Express 2/04 release. In the Solaris Express 7/04 release, new functionality for Zones has been added. The Solaris Zones software partitioning technology, a component of the Solaris Containers environment, is a software partitioning technology used to virtualize operating system services and provide an isolated and secure environment for running applications. A zone is a virtualized operating system environment created within a single instance of the Solaris Operating System. Zones basically provide the standard Solaris interfaces and application environment, and do not include a new ABI or API that would require applications to be ported

DTrace Dynamic Tracing Facility

DTrace is a feature of key importance in the Solaris 10 OS. DTrace is a comprehensive dynamic tracing facility that gives Solaris users, administrators, and developers a new level of observability into the kernel and user processes. DTrace helps you understand your system by permitting you to dynamically instrument the operating system kernel and user processes to record data that you specify at locations of interest, called probes. Probes are like small programmable sensors that are scattered all over your Solaris system. More than 30,000 probes are included in this release. Each probe can be associated with custom programs that are written in the new D programming language. This association enables you to access system data by using ANSI C types and expressions and easily capture stack traces, record timestamps, build histograms, and more. The Solaris Dynamic Tracing Guide and a set of man pages, including dtrace(1M), are provided to help you learn DTrace.
The guide includes a complete feature reference and examples to help you get started. You can also join the DTrace forum on BigAdmin (see to learn more about DTrace, download example programs, and ask questions. Solaris Dynamic Tracing Guide.

We will continue to look at the some more cool features of the Solaris Operating system. These are the some samples and there are a lot to discover.

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