Finally we got our Sun SPOTs and started to work on it. Sun SPOT (Sun Small Programmable Object Technology) is a wireless sensor network (WSN) mote (an electronic communication device meant to be the size of a particle of dust) developed by Sun Microsystems. The device is built upon the IEEE 802.15.4 standard. Unlike other available mote systems, the Sun SPOT is built on the Squawk virtual machine.

In addition, we created a facebook group for Sun SPOT. To see the page click here. You are all welcome.

sun spot1 sun spot2


2 Responses to Sun SPOT

  1. Jonas Ericsson says:

    Well, I checked out this stuff on your website and it seems really an exciting product. Is there any possibility that I could see it by my own eyes ? Can I meet with one of you guys and experience it ?

  2. alper celik says:

    Hi, yes of course you can meet with us and see the product by your own eyes and taste it if you want. We live in Kista, and study in KTH in Kista campus. If you can tell me when do you want to meet we can arrange a time for it,
    Thanks for checking our blog,

    Keep going

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