Open Solaris User Group

KTH Open Solaris user group is now ready and waiting for your participations. You can find the link from here
If you need Free Solaries CDs or any other documents please contact with us. Or if you want, Sun can send Free Solaries CDs to your home address. You can find it from this address. If you have any suggestions or questions please do not hesitate to contact with us.


4 Responses to Open Solaris User Group

  1. Fanis says:

    I am from KTH, Kista. I saw your advertisements in school, I want to learn more about Open Solaris. Please let me know when you have activities. Good luck guys…

  2. Gaye YILDIRMAK says:

    i liked your blog, i hope you will continue to work good. I study in main campus, please inform me again when you have tech demos. I used NetBeans before and liked it. Good blog, good job guys

  3. Ahmad Alhasanat says:

    wish to meet you in one of your events in stockholm, to know more about your services, and products for start ups

  4. Agustinus P says:

    Haiy.. haiy.. I just read you blog and since you’re the Sun Ambassador, can you help me to get certification from Sun.
    I know a little bit about J2EE and I really want to master it and get certification from it.. but it cost me a lot, I hope you can help me out of my misery… 🙂
    Thank you mate!!

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