Sun Campus Ambassadors to KTH !

Welcome Everyone !Gokhan Dogan

We are the new Sun Campus Ambassadors to KTH. You can see me ( Gokhan Dogan ) on the right side. I have a bachelors degree in Computer Engineering, but now I’m having my master degree in ICT Entrepreneurship at Kista Campus of KTH. I worked as a software engineer in D-Link for a year when I was in Ankara, Turkey. I was an exchange student in Finland last year and completed my final thesis with a project of Nokia where I used Java Me and M2M technologies.

Alper CelikHi everyone, I am Alper. I am a computer engineer. I have worked in several software development companies. I am a master student in KTH, I am studying ICT Entrepreneurship.I worked with Gokhan in Finland for Nokia for our graduation project. We have almost the same background with Gokhan. I like playing soccer, lets say I am a semi-professional soccer player. You can contact us anywhere and anytime. Our Sun e-mail accounts will be available very soon.

If you happen to see us anywhere in Stockholm and you have some questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can always tell us your suggestions or comments and we encourage you to do so !

We hope a very great year with full of activities those will be supported by Sun. We will talk about new great features of NetBeans, Sun Solaris and many other great tools from Sun Microsystems.

Contact Details :

Gokhan Dogan : Gokhan [dot] Dogan [at] sun [dot] com

Alper Celik : Alper [dot] Celik [at] sun [dot] com

Best Regards !


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