Java Tutorials Community Portal

November 11, 2008

Hi KTH people,

We are sure most of you are familiar with the Java Tutorials:

But some of you may not be aware of some changes Sun made earlier this year.  Prior to JavaOne, Sun expanded the tutorial license.  It is now possible to modify or extend the tutorial’s content without special permission from Sun, so long as it is for non-commercial use.  We hope this will encourage educators to use and adapt the Java Tutorials in their curriculum.

As part of that effort, Sun also launched the Java Tutorials Community Portal on

Sun encourage you to use this site to discuss the tutorials and related issues.  It includes a forum:

And a wiki where you can post examples (either examples that extend tutorial examples or brand new ones):

We also hope that we can collect information on tutorial translations, projects that involve tutorial usage, and so on. We hope this will serve your needs!


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