Participate in MySQL-GlassFish Student Contest and Win $500

September 2, 2008
We just announced a new student contest…

Use MySQL database and GlassFish application server to develop a web application and write a review for…

  • A chance to win a grand prize of $500 in Visa debit card, and
  • Five chances to win a prize of $250 in Visa debit card
Sun Student Contest

1. Download MySQL 5.1 Community Edition and GlassFish v2 Update Release 2 (UR2).
2. Develop a cool web application using the combination.
3. Create a project of your application at
4. Write a review of these products and post it in your blog.
5. Submit your project’s URL and your review’s URL.
6. Do it before October 22, 2008.

The Sun Student Reviews site has all the details, so does the contest page.

And here is a nice flier for you.

Good luck and have fun!

Student Reviews Contest

May 1, 2008

Review OpenSolaris OS and/or NetBeans IDE 6.1 for…
• a chance to win a grand prize of $250 in Visa Debit Card, and
• 5 chances to win a prize of $100 in Visa Debit Card
1. Download OpenSolaris OS and/or NetBeans IDE 6.1.
2. Test the product and post a review!
3. Submit the URL of your review.
4. Do it before June 6, 2008.

Need ideas for what to post to claim the top prize? Here are some suggestions:
a) Describe your OpenSolaris OS installation experience and what it took for you to make it up and running on your hardware platform
b) Run benchmarks and show how OpenSolaris OS performed against a competing OS
c) Create a “how-to” on solving a specific problem using OpenSolaris OS  or NetBeans IDE 6.1 (use detailed instructions, code snippets, commands and outputs etc. as appropriate)
d) Share your deep insight about OpenSolaris OS  or NetBeans IDE 6.1, including your favorite features
e) Give suggestions on how to enhance the OpenSolaris OS or NetBeans IDE 6.1
f) Build a cool plug-in to share with the NetBeans Community.

Student Contest Description

Student Contest Flier

Student Reviews Contest Rules

OpenSolaris Community Innovation Awards Program

March 26, 2008

What are the OpenSolaris Community Innovation Awards?

contestThe OpenSolaris Community Innovation Awards are intended to recognize and reward new, enabling, innovative, and high-performance uses of OpenSolaris technology, or substantial contributions to the OpenSolaris community. This program is part of a broader Community Innovation Awards Program whose goals are to “foster innovation and recognize the most interesting initiatives within open source communities worldwide.” Sun is the primary sponsor of this program and intends to contribute over $1 million across six open source communities.

We hope these awards will encourage more people to participate in the OpenSolaris community. Join a community, a project, a forum or other discussion. Use OpenSolaris. Study OpenSolaris.

To that end:

  • A large chunk, $75,000, of the award money is designated for grants for undergraduate research on OpenSolaris.
  • The contest portion, $100,000, of the award money is open to a broad range of entries. You can enter code that will eventually be putback into OpenSolaris (such as a device driver), or you can write a program that runs on top of the OS (such as a tool or game), or your entry can be something that is not code at all. You could enter materials for an operating systems course based on OpenSolaris (lecture notes, student guide, labs). Project Ideas lists some ideas for entries. These are just suggestions to get you started thinking about what you want to do. Contest Entries lists the entries that users have already registered for this contest.

What are the Prizes?

29 prizes are available:

  • 1 Grand Prize: $30,000
  • 3 First Prizes: $15,000 each
  • 25 Second Prizes: $1,000 each

All prizes are in U.S. dollars. Entries will be reviewed by an expert panel of judges.

Check this page frequently for updates and announcements.

Thanks, and good luck!

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